Autumn leaves

Leaves of a book, leaves of trees, Leaves of Grass, and leaving summer into fall and although on September first it feels like summer, my dogs (Jane here) are shedding and they know the season is turning soon. And Fall for me has always seemed a time of not so much loss as renewal–when the coolness makes the grapes sweet. And sweet especially is the knowledge that Elliott, woman of huge heart and energy and talent and co-conspirator at QuillsEdge (conspire means to love you know) has been working with our printer to bring to fruition our first chapbooks–not one but two, and two beauties. And October first, our second contest opens! A lot is on the burners.

As for me, this fall may bring a change of place to live. And there will be some forthcoming changes on how we work at the press to make the things poets are least best at (that is the $ stuff!) easier for all, and also the submission process easier as well. Because of all of your entries and support, we have made through the first year and that is a particularly difficult one to get through for fledgling presses. Thank you all.

I will add one little note about my summer. I was blessed to go to The Bread Loaf Conference in Vermont and something extraordinary happened. Like many poets, I am pretty much an introvert, a book worm and am not used to being recognized. In fact, I kind like being  a gecko! Yet, women I had never met came up to me and said, “Are you Jane Seitel from QuillsEdge Press?” And so many conversations started… Now, this surprised the socks off of me– it was, for me, at once a bit awkward but also gratifying since I realized word had spread about the press and our rather unique mission. And there were many women over fifty at the conference. They were essayists, fiction writers and poets and at the student readings, I realized how much of a force of nature we women are. So on that note, let the winds of fall move you, at times wistfully, at times gusting or even blustery: Move you along your precious life and literary path.





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