Writing Prompt 11

Welcome to the eleventh day of our 30/30!

Your prompt today is:


Describe a statue of justice.
Alternatively, describe a statue of love, hope, despair, time,
or another favorite abstraction.



Image credit www.cliparts.co
Guidelines, if you want them:

  • Posting your response is not required
  • Feel free to post your response   🙂
  • This is not meant to be the perfect first draft – respond without hesitation for 5-7 minutes, then keep going if you want to
  • While our prompts are geared towards poetry, we welcome all kinds of artists
  • Tips & encouragement are here


  1. The Empty Pedestal
    (AP Photo Week of 4 April)

    I cannot name the place except to
    say it is a city of war, the rockets and
    bombs, the deafening noise of death.

    She is the Madonna in a sea of women
    her son has been slaughtered by the
    latest wave of artillery. She is Feruzzi’s

    Madonna of the Streets, fast forward
    from 1897. What did he see that day
    that prompted his painting of love and

    desperation, using the eleven-year old
    girl and her baby brother to capture the
    fierceness of a mother’s protective love,

    the trust of the sleeping infant. Here in
    this sea of faces etched with the deep
    lines of fear, this mother, but with eyes

    downcast, yields to the cruelty of what
    they have told her: he is gone. She is both
    Madonna of the Streets and the Pieta

    for the modern world but where is a
    Michelangelo now? Who will place her
    grief in a cathedral, lest we forget this

    agony that touches every mother, war
    in the name of land and power. How many
    other Madonna’s stretch across the globe

    whose hands clutch at fate, grip in pain,
    grab at cloth and skin, rending until our
    hearts, surely, bleed just a drop or two.


  2. Two feet firm on the ground,
    eyes straight ahead, soft and lightly focused,
    skin feeling the nuances of air,
    ears hearing even the breath of sound,
    nostrils neither wide nor narrowed
    with the scent of pure objectivity,
    all features those of no one yet all humanity,
    ungendered, unraced,
    cast not in concrete nor carved in alabaster
    but roughed out in jasper or worked in common wood,
    justice stands.


  3. 30/30, Day 11 (late)


    like a dry food, choking
    and gagging a dry throat…

    too many times, unjust made
    its presence felt before me

    and how i thirsted for justice
    even when it was unavailable…

    justice found no time for me
    or those who like me, in need…

    we thirst for what is right
    we thirst for what is fair


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