Getting Our Ducks in a Row

can-ducks-fly_1512ec3bc740d271To our friends in the southeastern states, we at QuillsEdge hope you and your loved ones weathered the storm safely and are breathing the crisp autumn air following it. To our friends who were not caught in the tempest, we hope you’re having a fine, enjoyable season.

We have some news about the upcoming anthology. We have decided to defer the opening of the submissions, not only because some of us have been affected by Hurricane Matthew, but also noticing that the season picks up for all of us with the approaching holidays. These precious days are a time to take advantage of outdoors before winter comes.

As soon as we determine when the anthology will open for submissions, we will let you know on this website, on our Facebook page, and also post on the Creative Writing Opportunities list and elsewhere on the internet. We will also send out an email to our community, so the best way for you to be notified immediately is by adding your name to our email list.

Thank you for all your support and interest in our small but dynamic press!


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