Poetry is our favorite gift!

What a joy to announce that we’ve just published the first-place winner of our most recent chapbook contest, Skin Gin by Rose Maria Woodson.

ThisSkin Gin front cover thumbnail powerful chapbook won first place in our most recent contest, judged by the esteemed Judith Vollmer, who said, “Skin Gin keeps its clear eyes on naming, claiming, and justice where no justice is yet arrived. Rose Maria Woodson’s unifying voice is striking for its range of lyrical narratives, monologs, renunciations, and radiant still lives.”

Reginald Gibbons said of this chapbook, “These fierce, even despairing, evocations of the ineradicable continuity of racial discrimination are also a call to honor and soothe wounds of body and spirit. In the spirit of Gwendolyn Brooks, Woodson writes, ‘And know that we can be greater / than gravity. Knowing / there is sky & / there is flight,’ and all must hope that ‘light travels the ravel between.’ ”

The book also includes IN TRANSITION, an anthology of poems by contest finalists. All in all, this is an absorbing, engaging read for the intersectional feminist in your life – allow us to suggest it as a phenomenal gift for yourself or a loved one! Click here to order. All orders received through December 15th are guaranteed delivery by December 25th.

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