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QuillsEdge Press is proud to present the following award-winning chapbooks:

Mind the Light front coverMind the Light, by Suellen Wedmore, was a winner of our 2014 chapbook contest. Contest judge Barbara Crooker said of it, “Mind the Light has as its narrators five very different women, five separate personas, five unique voices, like the multi-faceted Fresnel lens used in lighthouses. Each poem is a small gem; ‘lapidary’ comes to mind in describing them. The central metaphor, women finding their strength in adverse and sometimes unchosen circumstances, took my breath away. This is a book of poetry that reads like a novel, and I challenge any reader to come away unmoved.”

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The Garlic Peelers front coverThe Garlic Peelers, by Lucia Galloway, was also a winner of our 2014 chapbook contest. Barbara Crooker, contest judge, said, “One of the things I look for in a chapbook is unity of theme, keeping in mind Frost’s dictum that if 26 separate poems make up a book, then the 27th poem is the book itself. The Garlic Peelers exemplifies this. I love the stunning title poem, and the way the other poems unfolded, like cloves of garlic from its core. I also admired the variety of forms and voices used, and the central metaphor: women’s lives as many-layered and essential as garlic. I like the way Lucia Galloway plays with multiple levels of meaning (chase/chaste/chastened; skins/scraps/leavings/chaff), the quotes that are salted between sections, and the way each section is introduced by lines that are excerpted and reworked from the title poem. No good recipe is complete without garlic, and no poetry shelf is complete without this fine book.”

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Unpacking the China front cover for web

Unpacking the China, by Sarah Merrow, won our 2015-2016 chapbook contest. Judge Mary Ann McFadden noted, “Unpacking the China immediately caught my eye for its distinct voice. I put it aside because I didn’t want to be influenced by the dazzling line arrangement of the first poem. But the more I read, the more this one stood out. I read it several times, eventually just for pleasure, and to learn from the author’s brilliant word choices, her confidence, her spare and elegant use of language. These are true poems, a pleasure and a revelation to read. The author has so much to say that matters and she says it in language that is intelligent, taut, and accomplished. I congratulate her, I bow to her, and I bow to QuillsEdge Press for making it possible to put these wonderful poems into the world.”

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Our Tents Are Small Volcanoes, by Vivian Faith Prescott, won the Editor’s Choice award of our 2015-2016 chapbook contest. Poet Anne Caston said of this chapbook, “Time is old water, and the wind is still listening. . . though the silences continue to deepen. In this collection, a single descendant voice speaks out of the legacy of the indigenous arctic Sámi — the disappearances of culture and tongues and lands and fishing rights and herding traditions —and to listen to this voice is to hear a deep resonance to the plight of the indigenous arctic peoples of our own continent: forced assimilations, forced ‘relocations,’ the young shipped off to boarding schools where they are not permitted to speak their native tongue, the missionaries’  zeal, loss of habitat which impacts subsistence life, loss of lands, a diminishing song. This is not a new story. This is the old, sad tale come round again. If you can bear to hear it,  listen so that the only listening thing is not the wind.”

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