Launch Weekend Summary – Thoughts from Jane

Exciting weekend at the Saturday launch at Split This Rock. And on the trip home with Elliott batTzedek, we discussed all the ways of expanding our combined visions for QuillsEdge Press. It is a shared vision: How to recreate a chapbook press into something more like gathering place for a growing community of women poets and artists.

We are connected in many ways: a common love of poetry, of beauty and art. We share a generational kinship, a sense of purpose and practice. As the rain pounded against the windshield, we rolled past Amish Farms, the silos of rural Pennsylvania. In the pelting rain we happily brainstormed ideas of how to create inclusion and use the website to spread the word of different opportunities and resources–links to woman-significant websites, book reviews, conferences and retreats that might appeal to you.

And up our sleeves, some new models of how to make a chapbook contest more than just a chapbook contest with one winner. Chapbooks are small books, and we imagine each one as an entry into other rooms of opportunity. Stay tuned. There’s more to come. So much more to come! (Jane)

Celebration Time!

Exhausted after all the work leading up the launch and the book fair, we headed out to eat, through pouring rain and evening traffic, ending up at The Parva in Bethesda, MD. Wow – the best plantain chips either of us had ever had, plus great Chilean red wine for Jane and a Columbian mojito for Elliott.

If you’re ever in Bethesda, go eat here!