QuillsEdge Press is Proud to Announce 2 Winners in Our First Competition!

After spending weeks reviewing our 6 finalists, Judge Barbara Crooker wrote to us to say she could not choose between her two favorites – both were so excellent, and so very different from each other. We agreed, so have committed to publishing both. We’re starting the editing process now, so stay tuned about publication information!

Of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife by Suellen Wedmore, Barbara Crooker says:

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife has as its narrators five very different women, five separate personas, five unique voices, like the multi-faceted Fresnel lens used in lighthouses. Each poem is a small gem; “lapidary” comes to mind in describing them. The central metaphor, women finding their strength in adverse and sometimes unchosen circumstances, took my breath away. This is a book of poetry that reads like a novel, and I challenge any reader to come away unmoved.

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