Great Poetry Giveaway 2014!

big poetry giveaway 2014

QuillsEdge is proud to join the Big Poetry Giveaway organized by Kelli Russell Agodon over at Book of Kells Poetry Giveaway 2014. What a marvelous idea she had five years ago to spread the poetry love around! We’re giving away 4 great poetry books by our demographic – innovative women poets over the age of 50! To win one, post a comment saying which book/books you’d love to receive, and at the end of National Poetry Month we’ll choose a winner for each book by some manner of random drawing.

First Book – Gold, the newest collection from Barbara Crooker, who will be the judge for our first competition. WE LOVE THIS BOOK! Grief, aging, loss, aging, the magic of the year’s natural cycle, sex, gold leaves and blue skies.

Another favorite, Mrs. Dumpty by Chana Bloch. From a review:

The poems in Mrs. Dumpty are about “a great fall,” the dissolution of a long and loving marriage, but they are not simply documentary or elegiac. What interests Chana Bloch is the inner life: how we are formed by our losses and our parents’ losses, how we learn what we need to know through our intuitions and confusions, how we deny and delay and finally discover who we are.

Book Three – Kamiko Hahn’s The Artist’s Daughter.

Book Four – The Usable Field by Jane Mead. Jane teaches in the MFA Program in Poetry and Poetry in Translation where the two of us met, so we’ve gotten to hear her astounding work. Jane Mead can be lyric and harsh, musical and startling in the same poem. This is a great book!


  1. Thanks for entering my drawing.
    I would love to be included in this one. I’ve always loved Barbara Crooker’s work when I’ve stumbled onto it in journals, but I don’t have any of her books.


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