At work again

Another long pleasant afternoon of Press work at Jane’s house in Morristown. The competition opens in a little more than four weeks and we still have so much work to do. (Of course, we always will, or at least that’s our goal).

Jane’s just back from a book binding workshop, and she learned an amazing amount. We know our first few chapbooks will be simply bound, probably 3 hole/ribbon, but considering the possibilities is so exciting. I’ve become so enamoured by possibilities that I see in the graphics/comics world, like McSweeney’s monthly packs of odd books, letters, postcards, puzzles, etc. There’s no reason why we can’t think outside the book and move towards engaging new forms – never doubt that an Old Broad can blow your mind with a new idea. Never.

Here’s an intriguing format we just came across from Kristy Bowen at Dancing Girl press and studio – a beautifully designed box of pages entitled billet-doux

This special dancing girl press limited edition collection of missives is sure to entice and delight. 15 poets. 15 love letters. Each piece written and designed by the poet themselves and collected in a lovely box. A volume sure to thrill the poetry and art lover (as well as the occasional voyeur.)

billet doux

Love it? You can order it here: Dancing Girl Press

Also today, as always, we’re talking and thinking and scheming about the HUGE miss-match between the incredible richness of chapbooks being created and the incredible lack of ways to get those books to the attention of, and into the hands of, poetry peers. We’re making a small start with our chapbook reviews page, but what else can we do? What else can you do? Can any of us do? There’s no reason not to consume chapbooks like Poetry Pringles, bought by the can-full and munched nonstop until you are satiated (temporarily)

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