oh winter….

Women of the Quill,

I appreciate everyone’s patience. Had we known winter would be so challenging, we would perhaps have made this a spring to summer contest. However…the final judging is in sight…because everyone’s schedule has been skeltered, Barbara has set aside time to judge beginning the second week in March. If you would like me to send along you manuscript reviews before the final judging just let me (Jane) know. Most are done and I would be happy to share your’s with you. If I do not hear from you, they will all go out after the final judging.

For me, this has been a winter of challenges. Ice and falls, floods that came indoors from burst pipes. I am sure we all have experienced these, especially as the years wind by. And it is probably too long since I have written, although I am not sure how many read this form of communication. To those who do, I thank you for your patience and understanding…and pledge Elliott’s and my good intentions in a season of adversity.

May you all be warm and savor your favorite comfort food and soup of the season.


  1. Dear Jane:

    I just dreamed last night (I’m not joking) that there were some poems in my manuscript that needed revising, so if my readers’ report is ready, I’d appreciate it if you’d send it along.

    Stay warm.


    Jeanetta who is trying to make time in her freaky schedule to do a couple chapbook reviews for you. Jeanetta Calhoun Mish tonguetiedwoman@gmail.com



    • I sent out my comments to you via an alternatate address we received with your submission. The one above, tonguetiedwoman did not seem to work/ Hope you receive it. I can always make a copy and post it snail mail/ Have a great day, Jane


      • Dear Jeanetta,

        I just looked through my notes and I am embarrassed at the confusion but not I remember what happened. The Unexplored Prairie was one that my partner Elliott pulled out for the final evaluation process because it was a superior manuscript. I just checked and it was not returned to my stack after we met to determine the finalists. So I am going to ask you to send me the manuscript as a word attachment since I want to completely read it again. I would appreciate that…the rest of the comments will be sent to others within the next few weeks. But yours is a priority. If you would kindly send it I will attend to it in the next few days..Jane please send it to my personal account at 4jseitel@gmail.com >


  2. Dear Jane, Thank you so much for the updates. I’m north of Boston, snowed in, and not going anywhere. This exile has my wonderful: revising, putting together 2 manuscripts, eating a lot, turning 53. Stay warm and I look forward to hearing from the Quill! Jenn


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