QuillsEdge is Pro-Diversity!

QuillsEdge Press is thrilled to announce
that our 2015 contest includes a
Pro-Diversity entrance fee of $5.00
for self-identified Women of Color


In our first contest last year the proportion of manuscripts we received from Women of Color did not match the number of talented Women of Color writers we know are out there, so we resolved to reach out in new ways this year.


Please help us by sharing our news
with your writing communities!


  1. Hello,

    Are you looking for books of poetry only? If you accept novels, I have a question. I published my first novel on Amazon as an e-book. I’ve since pulled it off that site while I prepare it for print. I have peformed significant edits, though it still is the same work. My question is: Will you accept a previously published e-book?

    Thank you.

    M.A. Reyes


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