Writing Prompt 17

Welcome to the seventeenth day of our 30/30!

Be proud. Be very, very proud.

Your prompt today is:


At sunrise I smell
Alternatively: at sunset I [sense]



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Guidelines, if you want them:

  • Posting your response is not required
  • Feel free to post your response   🙂
  • This is not meant to be the perfect first draft – respond without hesitation for 5-7 minutes, then keep going if you want to
  • While our prompts are geared towards poetry, we welcome all kinds of artists
  • Tips & encouragement are here


  1. In April, everything’s abloom.
    As the sun winks over the eastern horizon,
    all life raises itself in praise,
    in song, in scent.
    Jasmine reaches from its viney climb shouting fragrance.
    Oleander is subtler but very present, not to be outdone.
    Lower to the ground rosemary simply breathes.
    Society garlic stands tall, staunch in her odor.
    So many others fill the space with offerings,
    offerings my nose has not yet recognized,
    untrained as it is in the incredible uniqueness of each living thing
    presenting to us its very breath in subtle sweetness.

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  2. First Light

    At sunrise, smell the dew still rising,
    its yeasty scent contained in every wet
    blade, beaded along the lip of the iris.

    Throw back your shoulders and inhale
    this rich brew composed like a symphony:
    tree and grass, rubber tires from the

    highway, the crush of eggshell from the
    hatchlings along the fence. Hear the
    first rumblings of the tractors rushing

    to plant the last of the seed corn, the
    fragile elixir of blueberries along the
    garden’s edge. Crush the chives with

    your fingers and then the oregano.
    Wake up your senses to what will be
    gone once the sun crests the ridge.


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