Writing Prompt 24

Here we go, it’s the twenty-fourth day of our 30/30!

You know what you’ve got? Grit. Also, moxy. You’re the real deal.

Your prompt today is:


The wind’s always talking about



Image credit www.cliparts.co
Guidelines, if you want them:

  • Posting your response is not required
  • Feel free to post your response   🙂
  • This is not meant to be the perfect first draft – respond without hesitation for 5-7 minutes, then keep going if you want to
  • While our prompts are geared towards poetry, we welcome all kinds of artists
  • Tips & encouragement are here


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  2. Setting the Pea Fence Reminds Me

    In the swamp, the wind soughs through
    the bald cypress, snakes its way past the
    knotty roots to brush the hidden hide
    of the alligator, ripples the water above
    the deep holes off the bank. It tells of
    rain to come and yesterday’s laughter

    but here, it blows dry and empty, hot
    and still with the dust of corn, the
    powder of a crop that won’t be unless
    the rains come for those brave enough
    to start over and dare the early frosts.
    A messenger, a harbinger then, if you

    turn your face just right, breathe in the
    wordless tones as it turns past the barn
    glides through the iris, scenting the air
    with melancholy, ruffles the feathers of
    the mockingbird so that she hurries with
    her nest building, heeding the unwritten.


      • I particularly like the contrast between the first and second stanzas. You evoke so beautifully the richness and damp of the world of the swamp; then surprise the reader by immersing her in the dust and dryness of the cornfield. I look forward to your poems.


  3. Shrieks, howls, moans, whispers
    about what? The wind
    has no opinions, judgments, suggestions
    concerning life on this planet.
    Wind, breath, spirit – ruah-
    what’s left to say?


  4. Seasons of Yesterday

    Seasons come and go.
    I keep on rolling with the flow.
    Leaves have blown down my street
    and they are in a pile by my feet.
    Children play in summer’s sun
    having so much fun.
    Time waits for no one
    as they say-
    in the dreams of yesterday.


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