Yay! Thank you!

Just a quick post to say hello, welcome, and THANK YOU to all our new blog followers and everyone else who’s connected with us recently! We’re so glad you’ve joined our community. It’s fantastic to know we’re not alone in wanting to celebrate the powerful, vibrant, and much-needed writing of women over 50. 

And if you’ve been supporting us for years, please know we appreciate you too! We’re thrilled about what the future can hold for all of us, all of you, together. 

Sooooooo… Have you submitted your entry for the anthology yet?? Don’t forget, the reading period closes at midnight on September 22nd – guidelines here.

And if you have submitted already, we hope you’re preparing your chapbook for this year’s contest, which opens on October 1st! More details to follow… 

Write on, sisters. 💜 

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