Midnight’s inching closer!

As we enter the final hours of our call for submissions for our first anthology, we find ourselves – perhaps ironically – beyond words. So many of you have chosen to share your work with us, and we are sincerely honored. To each of you who’ve already entrusted us with your submission, thank you, truly. If you’re working feverishly to get your poems or translations in before midnight, we can’t wait to read your work! Full guidelines, and the link to our Submittable portal, are here.

One other quick note – some people have asked why we charge submission fees. As a non-profit founded in 2014, we have a very small budget and are almost entirely volunteer-run. In order to produce beautiful, high-quality books, we have to fund the printing process; hence the fees. We do offer sliding-scale fees and fee waivers to keep from creating barriers for poets who are living with financial hardship.

Whether you’ve submitted your work yet or are waiting for the chapbook contest, or are still working on poetry you want to submit in the future, please know that if you’re part of this community, you have our endless thanks. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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